Nicki Surprises Mini-Minaj Internet Sensations On TV

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October 12, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Nicki Minaj made a special visit to comedienne Ellen Degeneres’ U.S. TV show on Tuesday to surprise two little girls who have become sensations by performing her song Super Bass.
Eight-year-old Sophia and her five-year-old cousin Rosie, from Essex, England, have become Internet sensations after their video performance picked up over six million views and Minaj, who tweeted the link to the footage of the adorable duo to her followers, was so impressed she agreed to meet them on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

But no one told the girls, who were left stunned when the star walked out onstage to greet them during Tuesday’s taping.

Minaj treated her two young fans to a major shopping spree and they were kitted out with wigs and jewelry for a performance of Super Bass with the star on the program, which aired on Wednesday.

Minaj told the host she is a big fan of Sophia, who organized and choreographed the YouTube performance, stating, “Within five seconds of seeing this video I was calling everyone. I was also receiving a billion emails. Everyone was like, ‘You have to see this little girl’. She blew me away.

“Seriously, we are watching a journey that’s about to be amazing. You are incredible. I just want you to stay in school. Music is beautiful but stay in school.”