Nicole Eggert Briefly Hospitalized After Botched High-dive

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April 19, 2013 | 6:56pm EST

Actress Nicole Eggert was hospitalized on Thursday after a high-dive gone wrong for reality show Splash.
The former Baywatch star was filming a daring backflip jump for the TV series when she crashed back-first into the pool, prompting on-site medics to rush to her aid.
She was admitted to a medical center as a precautionary measure, but was released a few hours later.
Sources tell that Eggert did not break any bones or suffer any internal injuries from the impact, although doctors had initially kept a close eye on her kidneys for any signs of trouble.
Eggert, who admitted she was battling a crippling fear of heights for the show, is the latest celebrity to take a hit on Splash – former pageant queen Katherine Webb had to bow out of the competition earlier this week due to injury, while comedienne Chelsea Handler’s TV sidekick Chuy Bravo had to quit prior to its March premiere after fracturing his foot.
Eggert is expected to continue with the series.