Nicole Kidman Responds To Royal Grace Of Monaco Criticism

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May 9, 2014 | 3:18pm EST

Nicole Kidman has responded to criticism from Prince Albert Of Monaco and his sisters after they blasted the actress’ depiction of their mother, Grace Kelly, in her new film Grace Of Monaco.
The Prince and princesses Stephanie and Caroline released a statement last week, criticizing the film, in which Kidman portrays the Hollywood actress-turned-European royal as she transitions from movies to affairs of state after marrying Monaco’s Prince Rainier III in 1956.
Her children have called the film, which will open the Cannes Film Festival in France next week, a “farce” with “dubious historical references”, insisting it should not be classified as a biopic.
Kidman understands why the royals are angry but insists the film is not being touted as a biopic, telling Britain’s Daily Mail, “I know they’re upset. I would be too, if it were my mother. It’s a child’s job to protect their parent. In that regard, I get it. I get why the children are upset.
“I can’t say much other than that I have a great respect and regard for their mother. It’s not meant to be a biopic. I certainly did my best to honor everything that was real and truthful in it… there’s a fairytale aspect to it, which is why it isn’t a biopic.”