Nikki Reed Paid Tribute To Lewis Without Knowing Full Story

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September 28, 2012 | 6:56pm EST

Nikki Reed was caught off guard when a reporter asked her to pay tribute to her former The O.C. co-star Johnny Lewis on Thursday because she had no idea the actor had died.
The Twilight beauty remembered Lewis as “the nicest guy” when she was quizzed by an E! News correspondent, but she now admits she only learned about the Sons of Anarchy star’s passing from the interviewer – and she is struggling to get to grips with the news.
Lewis plunged to his death following a fight with his landlady Catherine Davis, who he is suspected of killing at her home in Los Angeles on Wednesday.
In a post on Friday, Reed writes, “A reporter broke the news to me about Johnny Lewis during an interview last night. I am so sad, and so shocked by what happened. I dreamt about it all night, and I’m sitting here now unable to move this morning. It’s so disturbing, yet so tragic. RIP Johnny.”
Reed starred in the third season of hit TV show The O.C. alongside Lewis in 2006.