No Drugs In Junior Seau’s Autopsy

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August 20, 2012 | 8:41pm EST

Tragic American football star Junior Seau had no signs of drugs or alcohol in his system when he committed suicide earlier this year, according to autopsy officials.
The sportsman was found unconscious in his Oceanside, California home on 2 May with a gunshot wound to the chest.
His death was officially ruled a suicide, and now the results of his autopsy and toxicology tests have shown that Seau was completely sober at the time of his death.
The report, obtained by, states, “No alcohol, common drugs of abuse, or other medications were detected.”
An initial examination of Seau’s brain showed no apparent damage, although the tissue has been sent to researchers at the National Institutes of Health for further investigation to determine whether he suffered any longterm affects from his years butting heads on the field.
The documents, filed by San Diego Deputy Medical Examiner Craig Nelson, were made public on Monday.
Seau did not leave a suicide note.