Nobu Boss Apologizes To Osbourne Over Dinner Drama

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July 13, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Kelly Osbourne has received a personal apology from the boss of top London restaurant Nobu after she was involved with an altercation with another diner there earlier this week.
The angry pop star-turned-TV personality took issue with a man when he refused to stop banging his glass on a table near her’s as she was dining with friends.

In a furious tweet shortly after the incident, she wrote, “Really makes me sad that the staff at nobu allowed a man to try and fight me because I asked him to stop slamming his glass on the table!”

But it seems Osbourne won’t be boycotting the restaurant after speaking to the general manager on Wednesday.

In a later tweet, she explains, “just got off the phone with paul the G.M of Nobu what a gentleman he is! i really appreciate the fact he sorted everything out & apologized!”