Now You See Me Tops 2013 Movie Mistakes List

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December 9, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

Hit 2013 movie Now You See Me was the most mistake-laden film of the year, according to the boss of watchdog website
In his annual list of great gaffes and big screen blunders, Jon Sandys tells WENN that he and eagle-eyed film fans who frequent his site counted 80 errors in JesseEisenberg and Woody Harrelson’s quirky illusionist heist movie – almost double the mistakes tallied from second-placed The Great Gatsby, which comes in just ahead of World War Z, with 46.
The biggest error, according to the website editor, comes in a scene when federal agents arrive to arrest Eisenberg and his gang – and the boom microphone can be seen in the reflection from a car’s window.
Sandys has also compiled his list of the biggest movie errors of the year, revealing that a huge gaffe in Gravity tops the countdown.
He explains, “The shuttle’s original mission was to service Hubble, yet when the shuttle is wrecked, Kowalsky (George Clooney’s character) moves with Stone (played by Sandra Bullock) to the ISS, which just happens to be ‘a short hike away’. Hubble orbits at an altitude of 350 miles, while the ISS does so at an altitude of about 250 miles.
“Furthermore, even if they had been able to see the ISS from Hubble’s orbit, they would have only seen it speed ahead, as their orbital velocities are very different: 7.66km per second for the ISS and 7.5km per second for Hubble.”
Bruce Willis’ A Good Day to Die Hard comes in second thanks to a botched car chase scene.
Sandys adds, “The blue van is hit and the left side headlight dislodges and is dangling down for most of the chase. But in one far shot where the van is taking a turn, it is suddenly switched to the right headlight that’s dangling.”
And there are also dishonourable mentions for movie mistakes in The Hangover Part III, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness and The Wolverine, which also make the top film fluffs countdown.