Nude Scenes Made Pattinson Sick

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June 16, 2010 | 11:08am EST

Pattinson humiliated by nude scenes

Fans may have enjoyed watching Robert Pattinson get naked in movie Little Ashes, but the experience of stripping on camera left the actor humiliated and nauseous.

Pattinson plays a young Salvador Dali in the 2008 film, a role that required him to bare all on screen,

And the dreaded memory of being naked in a room full of men still haunts him.

He says, “They give you a little robe the moment where you have to take it off you (want) to throw up and your whole body starts failing.

“I was doing this thing where I was refusing to look at anyone and just between each take you’d be sitting there convulsing.
“And then suddenly I briefly turned around for one second and saw that there six or seven guys in the room only briefly the guy looking through the camera lens even wanted to look for more than a second.”