Olivia Munn Kicked Out Of Own TV Premiere

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July 29, 2012 | 7:56pm EST

Actress Olivia Munn was kicked out of her own premiere of The Newsroom because her five-year-old niece Ripley was too disruptive.
The Iron Man 2 star invited her family to the New York City screening of her new TV series, created by Aaron Sorkin, however, she admits the event was a total disaster.
She said, “My niece… somehow convinced my mother to come in from Oklahoma with her to go to my premiere. It’s a premiere, it’s not going to like a birthday party. It’s not suitable for her. And I honestly don’t want her to ruin it, I don’t want her to start talking… So I offer up, because I want everyone to experience it, I offer up to leave with her and to sit in the lobby during the entire premiere.”
But, despite Munn’s best efforts, the little girl was still too loud and security officials soon asked the pair to leave.
She continues, “They came and said, ‘You need to leave, you’re making too much noise and it’s disrupting the premiere.'”