Ono Campaigns Against Childhood Hunger

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November 2, 2011 | 8:30am EST

Yoko Ono kept her late husband John Lennon’s legacy alive on Tuesday as she launched a campaign to fight childhood hunger and poverty.
The singer visited the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City’s Times Square to kick off Imagine There’s No Hunger, a drive to help feed impoverished kids in the Dominican Republic, the U.S., India, Kenya and Thailand.

Ono shared a moment of silence with fans to mark the 41st anniversary of Lennon’s track Imagine, the peace anthem which inspired the campaign, before releasing white balloons into the air in his memory.

She says, “This is a beautiful step towards world peace. By imagining there’s no hunger, like what John sang in his song, we express our strong desire to bring a world in which children will never again suffer from hunger or poverty. Let’s come together and help spread this message around the world.”

The campaign aims to feed one million children in the next year using profits from limited edition Imagine There’s No Hunger memorabilia sold by the Hard Rock Cafe.