Osbourne Delaying Double Foot Surgery

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December 9, 2010 | 6:15pm EST

Rock offspring Kelly Osbourne has been putting off much-needed surgery on her feet for over a year – because the recovery period from the operation will keep her off her feet for a month.
The singer and reality TV star has been suffering from foot problems for a while and she admits her stint on reality show Dancing With The Stars last year only “made it worse”.

But curing the ailment requires doctors to do more damage to her bones before they can fix them – and the thought of putting her feet up for weeks on end has the 26 year old running scared.

Osbourne tells Eonline.com’s Marc Malkin, “It was going to happen but (Dancing With The Stars) kicked it up about 10 years. They have to break bones in my feet and reset them.

“I’ve put it off because I’ve not been ready to not walk for a month.”