Osbourne Fumes Over Cyrus Heart Attack Rumors

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December 7, 2011 | 11:25am EST

Kelly Osbourne has assured fans her pal Miley Cyrus is healthy and well after rumors the former Hannah Montana star had suffered a heart attack spread around the world on Wednesday.
‘PrayForMiley’ became a hot topic on microblogging website Twitter.com as devotees were sent into a frenzy over claims the singer/actress had fainted as a result of her heart disorder, tachycardia.

Osbourne issued a desperate plea to users bombarding her with questions about Cyrus’ condition, dismissing the speculation as false.

In a series of posts, Osbourne wrote, “You Miley fans need to stop this. Your (sic) being ridiculous, she has not had a heart attack! Please stop being so aggressive! Stop it please! This is ridiculous….

“She is a beautiful healthy 19 year old girl, how could she possibly have a heart attack?”

The gossip subsided after Osbourne’s tweets prompted one user to admit to making up the rumor.