Osbourne Thrilled By Twitter.com Support

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July 7, 2010 | 5:25pm EST

Kelly Osbourne has been left blown away after counting her Twitter.com followers and realising she has 300,000 people hanging on her every word.

The Shut Up singer and reality TV icon regularly muses about her love of life, party antics and her beloved dogs in ‘tweets’ and it seems her fans like what she writes.

And she took to Twitter.com on Wednesday to thank them, writing, “OMG (oh my God) i have over 300,000 followers thank you so much i didnt even think that many people gave a s**t about what i have to say i love you guys… really i am blown away thank you again to all my tweets you guys rock!

“i was just on the phone when i saw and started screaming its so cool i really do appreciate you guys and i just want you to know that!

“I LOVE MY FOLLOWERS! all though hate the word followers becasue (sic) it makes me sound like a cult leader but i love you guys really i do!”