Osbourne’s Rock Of Love Feud Hits Court

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February 10, 2011 | 4:10am EST

Sharon Osbourne’s showdown with a reality TV reject kicked off on Wednesday – jurors were selected after both sides failed to settle their feud outside the courtroom.
Megan Hauserman is suing the rock matriarch over allegations she assaulted her during a recording of TV series Rock Of Love: Charm School in December 2008.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Abraham A. Khan had offered to meet privately with Hauserman, Osbourne and their attorneys to resolve the matter before calling in a jury panel.

But Osbourne’s attorney insisted the parties were “six figures away” from agreeing on a settlement, while Hauserman’s lawyer, Roderick L. Lindblom, vowed to show jurors video evidence of the attack.

Lindblom intends to drop Hauserman’s intentional infliction of emotional distress accusation, leaving only allegations of battery and negligent infliction of emotional distress to be tried.

He also plans to make Osbourne the first witness he calls to the stand.

Osbourne is countersuing Hauserman, claiming the blonde initiated their TV scrap for publicity.

The brawl began after the contestant insulted Osbourne’s husband Ozzy, calling the former Black Sabbath star a “brain-dead rocker”. The 58 year old allegedly retaliated by grabbing Hauserman by the hair and scratching her.