Osmonds Sued By Las Vegas Show Producer

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October 7, 2010 | 4:10am EST

Donny and Marie Osmond have been hit with a lawsuit from the former producer of their Las Vegas show, who has branded the male singer “devious, fraudulent and greedy” for allegedly conspiring to cut him out of his contract.
Chip Lightman claims Donny “concocted a scheme” to back out of a deal to extend the sibling variety act, The Donny & Marie show, at the Flamingo Hotel to 2012, alleging the star ordered him to accept a 50 per cent pay cut if he wanted to keep his job.

According to the suit, which also names Marie, Osmond told venue bosses he would pull out of the residency by next week if “the Flamingo did not terminate any and all agreements” with Lightman.

Lightman claims the singer was “underhanded, devious, fraudulent and greedy”, while his actions are “contrary to the wholesome, all-American, good-natured image that he presents to the public”.

He adds: “Despite Marie’s seemingly innocent nature, she too is liable for the fraud.”

Lightman is suing the Osmonds for unspecified damages for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, fraud and contractual interference.

The Osmonds’ attorney, Howard King, has responded to the lawsuit, telling the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Of course, we are surprised and disappointed that Mr. Lightman took such precipitous action, especially in light of the substantial sums he has been paid, despite the facts that he neither created, financed or owns the show, nor does he engage the 48 talented and dedicated people who produce and perform the show each night.”