Owen Wilson Film Set Damaged In Blaze

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November 21, 2013 | 11:10am EST

Firefighters in Thailand were called to the set of Owen Wilson’s new film The Coup late on Wednesday after a blaze broke out.
Flames ripped through the film set in northern Thailand shortly after Wilson and his co-star Lake Bell had finished work for the day. Both stars had left the set and were unharmed.
Emergency services were called to tackle the blaze, which is believed to have broken out after the crew filmed an action scene in an area dressed as a government office. No one was hurt, but some of the film equipment was damaged.
Chris Lowenstein, executive director of local production company Living Films, tells The Hollywood Reporter, “The day’s shooting proceeded uneventfully, with the final shot being the destruction of the office, as it’s supposed to look like it is being hit by a tank shell. The scene involved air mortars with dust, cork and debris, but no explosion, fire or other pyrotechnics… The air mortars fired and the wall was destroyed as planned. The director called cut, the assistant director called wrap on the day, the actors exited the set, the director… producers began to view playback and discuss what had been shot and the shooting for the next day, and the crew started to wrap the equipment. Shortly thereafter, a small fire broke out in the ceiling of the set.”
The film revolves around the story of a family caught in a political uprising. Pierce Brosnan is also part of the cast, but he has yet to join the shoot in Thailand.
Filming continued as planned on Thursday.