Pamela Anderson Injured During Skating Training

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January 3, 2013 | 11:11am EST

Actress Pamela Anderson has been left battered and bruised during training for U.K. reality TV show Dancing On Ice.
The former Baywatch star is learning to ice skate for the series, in which she is paired with professional Matt Evers.
The pair has been practising routines ahead of the show’s first episode and Anderson is sporting a number of bruises across her body due to the tough training sessions.
She tells Britain’s Closer magazine, “Ice skating is all new to me and the rehearsals have been really tough. My skating partner, Matt Evers, is great. Our chemistry is really good and he’s been so patient. I love the choreography and the lifts, but everything is so difficult – I’ve got bruises everywhere.”
Anderson admits her sons were sceptical about her involvement with the show when she first told them, adding, “When I told Brandon that I would be skating on Dancing On Ice, he just rolled his eyes. My sons like surfing and playing rugby. Typical boys!”
The series is set to debut in the U.K. on Sunday.