Pamela Anderson Works At Animal Refuge

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July 12, 2010 | 12:10pm EST

Pamela Anderson has taken her animal welfare work to a new level – she cleans out cages at a wildlife refuge in California.

The former Baywatch beauty has long been a supporter of animal rights and often raises money for charities close to her heart.

Now she has taken her commitment to the cause a step further – by working as a volunteer at the California Wildlife Center in Santa Monica.

Her duties include cleaning out droppings from birdcages, feeding baby owls, and even helping to release animals once they are well enough to survive in the wild.

She tells the U.K.’s Fabulous magazine, “I clean out all the poop in the birdcages and feed all the little owls – the baby ones – with frozen mice parts. Occasionally a little frozen paw or ear will fall off!

“Sometimes I’m given the job of releasing animals back into the wild, but I’m the worst driver and have no sense of direction. I was given a box with a crow in it and we got so lost. I went to three different places to try to find where they’d originally caught her!”