Paris Hilton Broody After Becoming An Aunt Again

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February 14, 2018 | 6:54pm EST

Bride-to-be Paris Hilton has come down with a bout of “baby fever” after becoming an aunt again.
The socialite and celebrity DJ, who turns 37 on Saturday, announced her engagement to actor boyfriend Chris Zylka last month, and she already has babies on the brain thanks to her sister Nicky, who welcomed her second child, daughter Theodora ‘Teddy’ Marilyn, just before Christmas.
“I have baby fever,” Paris confessed to news show Entertainment Tonight after bonding with the newborn.
Gushing about how cute her nieces Teddy and 19-month-old sister Lily-Grace are, she added, “It gives me hope, because I know she (Nicky) has amazing genes. It runs in the family, so I’m not gonna have to worry.”
While Paris is eager to start a family, she is currently focused on planning for her big day, which she previously claimed would take place “as soon as possible”, and she has recruited her fashion designer sister to help her find the perfect gown.
“I’m finally looking for my wedding dress, so Nicky and I have fittings this week,” she shared. “And she has such beautiful taste that I can’t pick the wedding (dress) without my maid of honor.”
Nicky Hilton is also enjoying getting involved in the planning process.
“I’m loving it. I’m most excited for the bachelorette party,” the 34-year-old smiled.
Nicky will be returning the favor as her sister’s chief bridesmaid as Paris served as her maid of honor in July, 2015, when she wed British banking heir James Rothschild at London’s Kensington Palace, the home of British royals Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.