Patti Smith: ‘Lou Reed Picked The Perfect Day To Die’

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November 4, 2013 | 2:10pm EST

Punk icon Patti Smith has paid another tribute to late pal Lou Reed, insisting the rocker picked a “perfect day” to die.
The Because the Night singer has revealed she searched for the “significance” of day the Velvet Underground frontman lost his life last month.
In an article for the New Yorker, Smith writes, “I found it to be the birthday of both Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath. Lou had chosen the perfect day to set sail – the day of poets, on Sunday morning, the world behind him.”
Reed lost his battle with liver disease at his home in New York state. He was 71.
In a previous tribute to the late rocker, Smith wrote, “Lou was a very special poet… One thing I got from Lou, that never went away, was the process of performing live over a beat, improvising poetry, how he moved over three chords for 14 minutes. That was a revelation to me.”