Pattinson Amazed By Fan Base Knowledge

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June 16, 2010 | 5:35pm EST

Robert Pattinson is so impressed with his Twilight fans’ knowledge, he occasionally visits their websites and blogs to check his schedule.
The actor admits he’s often flawed by how devotees get information about him and his whereabouts – and how quickly they can share items online.

He tells WENN, “It’s incredible the information they get so quickly. Sometimes I check just to see my schedule and stuff. On weekends, when I can’t get through to my agency, they know way better.

“Being in Twilight, so much of the fan base is completely on the Internet and they’re (fans) part of a community with each other. You see people turn up at sets of other movies I’ve done to take a picture and the main reason they do it is for their online community. It’ll be uploaded in five minutes. It’s strange.”