Pattinson Says ‘Kissing Kristen Is Getting Easier’

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June 15, 2010 | 2:03pm EST

Robert Pattinson has further fueled speculation he and Twilight girlfriend Kristen Stewart are dating for real by confessing it’s getting easier to kiss the actress.

The couple have refused to entertain rumors of a real-life romance away from the cameras, but Pattinson and Stewart constantly poke fun at the dating reports – most recently sharing an awkward lip-lock at the MTV Movie Awards.

And now Pattinson admits kissing Stewart isn’t as strange as it was in the first two Twilight films.

He says,  “Kissing felt a little bit more natural in Eclipse, even if there was plenty of it.

“In New Moon and Twilight, it was always like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna kill you if I kiss you’ or something. It was always kind of odd. But, in this one, they (characters Bella and Edward) both understand their situation a lot more, which makes it easier. It’s the first time Kristen and I have been able to just act like a normal couple.”