Paul McCartney Cheats Death In Helicopter Scare

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November 11, 2012 | 9:26am EST

Aviation officials in the U.K. have launched an investigation after Sir Paul McCartney came within seconds of disaster when the helicopter he was traveling in plunged towards the ground in a terrifying mid-air scare.
The Beatles legend was traveling back to his home in East Sussex, England from an event in London with his wife Nancy Shevell on 3 May when the helicopter pilot reportedly became disorientated in the bad weather.
The aircraft, which was attempting to touch down on McCartney’s private helipad, plummeted towards trees, but the potentially fatal crash was avoided when the pilot pulled up at the last minute and diverted to a nearby airport.
The incident is now the subject of an investigation by the government’s Department of Transport after the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) classified it as a “serious incident”.
A spokesman for Air Harrods, the company which runs the helicopter service, tells Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper, “Harrods Aviation can confirm that an incident took place on May 3 involving an Air Harrods helicopter. We are working in full cooperation with the AAIB which are currently investigating the incident.”
A representative for McCartney says, “Paul has been spoken to. It has been put to him, everything. It’s a no comment.”