Paul Walker’s Mother And Ex Reach Guardianship Deal Over His Teenage Daughter

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March 27, 2014 | 9:41pm EST

Paul Walker’s mother and ex-girlfriend have reportedly avoided a legal showdown over guardianship of the actor’s teenage daughter after reaching an out-of-court agreement.
In his will, the Fast & Furious star had appointed his mom, Cheryl Walker, as Meadow’s guardian in the event of his premature death, and last week, she filed papers formally requesting custody amid claims the 15 year old’s mother, Rebecca Soteros, is battling alcoholism and cannot properly care for the child.
The two parties were due to face off in a California court on Thursday, but the hearing was cancelled after the women reportedly managed to work out a settlement between themselves.
Speaking to on Thursday, a source says, “As a result of a family meeting yesterday, an agreement has been made between the parties and attorneys in the case. The good news is that things are getting better for everyone involved.”
As per the terms of the agreement, the insider adds, “Meadow will live with her mother and they will be getting a place (in California) and the agreement does involve both the guardianship and estate issues.”
Walker’s only child is said to be “happy” with the deal.
Soteros, who has been living in Hawaii, is due to appear in court there on 2 May to answer a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. She was previously convicted for DUI in 2003.
Walker died in a car crash in November, when he was a passenger in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT being driven by his pal Roger Rodas. Investigators revealed on Tuesday that the accident was caused by high speed, not mechanical failure.