Perez Settles Lawsuit With Law & Order Bosses

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February 2, 2012 | 2:26pm EST

By Moira Colley

Actress Rosie Perez has settled her personal injury lawsuit with the producers of hit crime drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit after suffering an accident on set in 2009.

The actress sustained serious neck and back injuries and was forced to wear a brace after she was violently shaken by an extra while shooting an episode for the show.

She took legal action against production company bosses last year alleging their negligence was responsible for the stunt gone wrong. She insisted they “recklessly and carelessly” failed to provide experienced personnel for the scene.

And earlier this week, Perez, who was seeking damages in excess of $75,000, reached an agreement with TV executives, according to her lawyer, Brian O’Dwyer.

The details of the resolution have been kept under wraps.