Perry’s Special Soccer Dress

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June 13, 2010 | 6:32pm EST

Katy Perry commissioned a special dress incorporating the flags of the U.S.A. and England – to show she was impartial as the two national teams met in the World Cup on Saturday.
The I Kissed A Girl star, who is engaged to soccer fan Russell Brand, was a special guest on British TV show James Corden’s World Cup Live on Saturday evening, following a 1-1 draw between the two nations.

And, in typical flamboyant style, Perry toted a short rubber dress which featured the stars and stripes as well as the U.K.’s national flag.

As she took to the sofa, she shouted, “America! England! It’s not about football; I feel very divided in general. It’s hard. I’m in England and so if I say, ‘Screw America’ I’ll get press that says ‘Katy hates her home place!’ I thought it was a good game.”

Perry also revealed that Brand is following the tournament closely as he works: “I know that Russell has it in his contract for his movie if England get to the finals he’s going (to South Africa).”

Brand wasn’t celebrating on Saturday night, however – Robert Green, the goalkeeper for his beloved West Ham United, gifted the U.S.A. their equaliser by fumbling the ball on the goal line.