PETA Bosses Hit Out At Jake Shears Over ‘dumb Cows’ Remark

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June 1, 2012 | 11:21am EST

Animal rights campaigners have taken aim at singer Jake Shears after he justified eating meat by branding cows “dumb” and insisting chickens are primitive.
The Scissor Sisters star was giving an interview to rock magazine Q over a meal at a restaurant when he touched on the subject of vegetarianism.
He told the publication, “I feel bad about eating pigs, because you can tell they have these little souls. Cows, though, are dumber than a box of rocks. As for chickens, I don’t feel bad at all. They’ve had plenty of time to evolve? Absolutely. It’s just not happening for chickens.”
But officials at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have hit out at his comments and urged him to show more compassion following his band’s famous anti-fur stance.
A PETA spokesman tells WENN, “Our evolution has included developing morals, and yet we continue to treat chickens, cows and other animals in utterly immoral ways.
“If Jake knew that chickens have distinct personalities, can recognize others by their facial features, are able to perform basic arithmetic and, above all, are as capable of feeling pain and experiencing fear as the animals we cherish – like cats and dogs – he might be inclined to take the band’s compassionate anti-fur stance one step further to include what they eat.”