PETA Praise Justin Bieber’s Decision To Give Up Monkey

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May 13, 2013 | 8:48pm EST

Justin Bieber’s apparent decision to give up ownership of his seized pet monkey has been applauded by animal rights activists as the animal can now be cared for by experts.
The pop superstar was forced to hand over the capuchin, named Mally, to German customs officials in March after he failed to produce the correct paperwork to allow the monkey into the country, where he was on tour.
A spokesperson for the Munich Animal Protection League centre, where the furry friend is currently being housed, revealed on Monday that lawyers for the Baby hitmaker have expressed their desire to leave the pet with German authorities to place in a zoo – and the news has been warmly welcomed by activists at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
However, the campaigners have urged German officials to allow the monkey to be looked after in the U.K. amid concerns of zoo animals’ welfare in the European mainland.
A representative for the group tells WENN: “PETA is thankful that Justin Bieber heeded our advice and surrendered Mally to the experienced caregivers at the Munich animal shelter, and we have recommended a permanent move to The Monkey Sanctuary in the UK, where Mally will be integrated with other monkeys and receive the social interaction vital to a monkey’s well-being and psychological growth. PETA strongly opposes sending Mally to a zoo in Germany, where ‘surplus’ animals are often sold to circuses, animal testing labs, and private collectors.”
Bieber still has until Friday to reclaim his pet.