Phillip Morris Release Halted

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June 3, 2010 | 9:12am EST

A judge in California has issued a preliminary injunction blocking the release of Jim Carrey and Ewan Mcgregor’s long-delayed film I Love You Phillip Morris following a fall-out between movie bosses.
The film tells the story of a married man, played by Carrey, who discovers he’s gay and embarks on a crime spree which lands him in jail where he falls in love with a fellow inmate, played by McGregor.
The movie’s release has already been delayed by several months – it was initially due to hit cinemas in February, but the launch date has gradually been pushed back until July.
Now the release has been blocked by a court as movie bosses wrangle over the film’s finances – executives at French film studio EuropaCorp, the company which produced the picture, filed suit in April against bosses at distribution firm Consolidated after selling them the American release rights.
EuropaCorp chiefs claim they still haven’t received a $3 million advance payment from Consolidated, which was agreed last year, and they sued alleging breach of contract and copyright infringement – demanding the return of the movie and marketing materials.
Consolidated executives hit back alleging EuropaCorp didn’t deliver the film on time and broke the contract by entering into broadcast agreements with Virgin Atlantic and other airlines.
The case has now been heard at California District Court and Judge Dale Fischer has granted EuropaCorp’s request for an injunction blocking the film’s release. EuropaCorp hopes to resolve the dispute and eventually release I Love You Phillip Morris in October.
The case will now be fought out in arbitration, according to the Hollywood Reporter.