Pitt Has Personal Connection To Devastated Missouri City

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May 25, 2011 | 11:35am EST

Brad Pitt has a close family connection to the tornado-devastated city of Joplin, Missouri – his grandparents hail from the area and he was a regular visitor there throughout his childhood.
The actor grew up in Springfield, Missouri and has happy memories of trips to see his grandparents in Joplin while he was growing up.

Pitt has been shocked by the images of destruction after Sunday’s massive twister, which ripped through the city and claimed the lives of more than 120 people, and the star has now reached out to residents.

He tells the Associated Press, “I spent a lot of time in Joplin. My grandparents are from there. It’s about 50, 60 miles from where I grew up… My thoughts are certainly with them. Of course, a lot will be coming out in the next day, next few days and they have a big mountain ahead of them. I wish them the best.”