Police Investigating Gibson Violence Allegations

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July 8, 2010 | 3:36pm EST

Mel Gibson is at the centre of a Los Angeles police investigation into allegations he was violent towards ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva during a reported incident in January.

The Braveheart star parted ways with Grigorieva earlier this year but the split has turned into a messy legal battle and the former couple is embroiled in a spat over visitation rights to their baby daughter, Lucia.

The Russian singer reportedly obtained a restraining order against Gibson last month, prohibiting the movie star from having any contact with his ex, amid claims he punched her and knocked out a tooth during a heated altercation on 6 January.

Gossip site RadarOnline has reportedly obtained audio footage of a telephone call between the pair, in which Gibson allegedly admits to the violence, telling Grigorieva she “f**king deserved it”.

The report has prompted officials at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to open a domestic violence investigation into the claims, which Gibson denies, reports TMZ.com.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department says investigators are “currently gathering information regarding the allegations”.

The news comes just days after Gibson was accused of using offensive racial language in what is thought to be the same expletive-laden, recorded argument with his ex.

The audio file has yet to be made public and the actor has yet to confirm reports of the tape’s existence.