Pras: ‘Jean Felt Betrayed Over Haiti’

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May 9, 2011 | 7:30am EST

Rapper Pras has opened up about the bitter feud over Haitian politics which nearly wrecked his friendship with his former The Fugees bandmate Wyclef Jean, conceding his pal felt “betrayed” by his lack of support.
Jean launched a campaign to run for office in Haiti last year, but he was ruled out after officials in the country declared him in eligible to join the presidential race.

Pras refused to support his pal’s move into politics and instead backed the election’s eventual winner, Michel Martelly, a decision which greatly angered Jean.

The pair eventually healed the rift after boarding the same flight to Haiti together earlier this year, and Pras now admits he is glad the nasty feud was resolved amicably.

He tells, “My boy Clef was running, and see, I didn’t even know about it until like the day of (the announcement)… Now, it’s all good but it was very heated… at that time, I think (Jean) felt a little bit betrayed.”