Prince Harry Under Fire Over Hunting Picture

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February 17, 2014 | 11:19am EST

Britain’s Prince Harry has come under fire from animal rights activists following the publication of a photograph of the royal posing with a slaughtered water buffalo just days after his family backed an anti-poaching campaign.
The picture, which was taken in November, 2004 during a trip to Argentina, shows the royal posing with a gun next to the dead animal and its publication comes just days after Harry’s brother Prince William launched a new anti-poaching campaign to save rhinos and elephants.
Prince William also found himself in trouble after he was pictured taking part in a wild boar hunt in Spain just days before launching the new charity drive with his father Charles, Prince of Wales, and animal rights campaigners at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have now taken aim at the young royals.
A spokesperson tells WENN, “The princes seem set on ignoring the fact that the majority of the British public abhors cruelty to animals and objects to hunting. If Prince Harry and his brother want their views about wildlife preservation taken seriously, they need to get with the times and stop getting their kicks from killing animals.
“There’s no difference between South American water buffalo and the elephants and rhinos they keep talking about the importance of protecting. We live in hope that one day the Princes, especially Harry, will end this double standard. We expect those with guns – and especially soldiers such as Prince Harry – to use them to protect the weak, not to blast their brains out.”