Prince’s Heirs Denied Request To Move Archive Away From California Wildfires

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December 12, 2017 | 11:10am EST

A judge has denied Prince’s heirs’ request to move his archive from Hollywood, after claiming it was under threat from the wildfires on the outskirts of Los Angeles.
On Friday, attorney William Skolnick filed an emergency petition on behalf of the Purple Rain singer’s siblings, Sharon, Norrie Nelson and John R. Nelson, asking the contents of his vault be moved from the Iron Mountain data recovery facility in Hollywood to his Paisley Park mansion in Minnesota.
Skolnick’s letter to Minnesota Judge Kevin Eide stated the family fear the fires, which have devastated the hills around Hollywood and Bel-Air, could reach the facility and destroy unreleased recordings.
Executives at Comerica Bank & Trust, who manage the late musician’s estate, contested the proposed move in their own filing, and Judge Eide ruled in their favor on Monday.
The judge wrote in his ruling, “The Court strongly condemns bringing this matter before the Court without adequate discussion between the parties and will sanction a party for doing so in the future.”
In their letter to the judge, lawyers for Comerica wrote, “Had the Nelsons contacted the Personal Representative prior to filing their petition, or even conducted a basic ‘Google’ search, they would have learned that the Hollywood Facility is not at any risk from wildfires.”
They noted that the facility is eight miles from the nearest fire, and that bosses at Iron Mountain were monitoring the blazes, which have threatened a number of stars’ homes, closely.
Prince’s unreleased recordings are thought to be one of the most valuable parts of his legacy, and have been valued at around $200 million .
The musician, full name Prince Rogers Nelson, died at the age of 57 in April last year after an accidental drug overdose.