Prosecutor Outlines Objections To Conrad Murray Conviction Appeal

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May 14, 2013 | 2:20pm EST

A Los Angeles prosecutor has urged a judge not to overturn Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter conviction for the death of Michael Jackson following the imprisoned medic’s appeal bid.
The doctor was found guilty of administering the fatal dose of Propofol which claimed the King of Pop’s life in2009 and he was sentenced to serve four years behind bars.
He is in the process of challenging the decision, with his attorney, Valerie Wass, claiming Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor, who oversaw his 2011 trial and sentencing, made a series of serious legal errors in the case by failing to sequester the jury and ban TV coverage of the court proceedings. Wass also alleges jurors should have been allowed to hear details about Jackson’s poor finances and his contract with concert promoters AEG Live during the trial.
However, Supervising Deputy Attorney General Victoria B. Wilson has now fired back at the claims and called for the guilty verdict to be upheld.
In her legal response to the appeal, Wilson blames the embattled medic’s own lawyers for forfeiting a number of opportunities to object to Pastor’s rulings during the trial.
She writes, “The record shows that (Murray) was playing Russian roulette with Mr. Jackson’s life over the course of several months… The argument (in the appeal) is nothing more than the reflection of a criminal defendant who harbors no sense of responsibility or remorse for taking the life of a human being.”
Wilson also defended the judge against the mistakes he is accused of making, insisting that presenting evidence of Jackson’s money struggles “would result in a salacious sideshow of Mr. Jackson’s finances and lawsuits and run the risk of distracting the jury from its task of deciding (Murray’s) guilt”.
Murray has previously been denied bail pending his appeal. If he serves his full sentence, he will be eligible for release on 28 October.
The personal physician is also at the center of another legal battle as the tragic hitmaker’s mother, Katherine Jackson, sues AEG Live bosses for the wrongful death of the superstar. The family matriarch is demanding billions in compensation, claiming they were negligent in ignoring her son’s life-threatening health issues and blaming them for hiring Murray as the King of Pop prepared for his doomed This Is It shows in London.