Quincy Jones Sued Over His Own Photo

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February 16, 2012 | 11:26am EST

Music mogul Quincy Jones has been dragged into a legal spat with a photographer over allegations he used an image to promote a new signature headphone line without permission.
Michael Donald Jones claims he took the shot of the producer at work, which features in the AKG Harman ads, in 1995 – and although the photo features the maestro, the snapper insists he had no right to use it.

In his copyright infringement suit, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Jones claims he was allowed to take photographs in a Hollywood studio without signing a release beforehand and he was told he would only get paid if he gave up the rights to the candid snaps.

However, he alleges no price was agreed and no deal was signed.

When images for the new ads first surfaced in 2010, the photographer recognized his work and reportedly started negotiations with Quincy Jones’ lawyers over the rights. The talks broke down.

The snapper claims the image in dispute also appears – without permission – in the book The Quincy Jones Legacy Series: Q on Producing and on several websites.

Quincy Jones, AKG Harman and others are being sued for “maximum allowable statutory damages”. The photographer is also demanding that all copies of the photo at the center of the controversy be destroyed.