Ramsay Almost Set Alight In Shark Fin Film Drama

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September 21, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay almost became a human kebab while shooting a documentary on Costa Rica’s illegal shark fin industry when a fishmonger’s henchman attempted to set him alight.
The brash Brit took a camera crew to the beaches of Costa Rica to capture the shady fishing enterprise – and he was almost killed in the process.

Ramsay tells Playboy magazine, “That was a little bit hairy… The fishmongers have these armed guards patrolling fortress-like towers, so we tried to get in and ran into a guard.

“They poured petrol all over my hair and neck and tried to set us on fire.”

The chef admits his dangerous film project was a little over-ambitious: “One stupid chef with a documentary crew was never going to stop these a**holes from decimating this population of fish, but I thought, ‘Why the hell not try…? If you don’t take a stand, who will?'”

And Ramsay insists shark fins are not a delicacy: “It tastes like nothing, but it’s a sign of wealth and power in Asia to have it in your soup.”