Ramsay Launches Defamation Lawsuit

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March 23, 2012 | 8:36am EST

Gordon Ramsay has filed a $2.4 million lawsuit against a former associate who alleges the celebrity chef was “too busy” to promote their restaurant.
The Hell’s Kitchen star is suing Danny Lavy for defamation and potential revenue losses following a disagreement about their joint eaterie Laurier Gordon Ramsay in Montreal, Canada.

Lavy cancelled the contract last month and dropped Ramsay’s name from the project, accusing the fiery chef of being “too busy to come to the restaurant” and failing to promote their business on TV chat shows.

Ramsay has branded the comments “false and defamatory” in the lawsuit, arguing he believed his role was to provide his name and several recipe ideas, and that he was under no obligation to visit the restaurant.

The lawsuit states, “Negative and critical public comments regarding the plaintiff could have the effect of decreasing the commercial value of his name and any commercial ventures associated with it.”

Ramsay is no stranger to lawsuits – earlier this month he settled a legal dispute with a New Zealand promotion company by agreeing to make an $83,000 donation to charity.