Rare Film Footage Of Jerry Lewis’ The Day The Clown Cried Surfaces Online

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August 12, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

Previously unseen footage of Jerry Lewis’ infamous movie The Day The Clown Cried has surfaced online, 31 years after the legendary comedian pulled the film from release.
The funnyman wrote, starred in and directed the 1972 picture, about a clown who is arrested and forced to lead Jewish children into the gas chamber during the Holocaust, but he was unhappy with the finished product and vowed never to share it with fans.
Speaking about the failed project earlier this year, Lewis, now 87, said, “In terms of that film, I was embarrassed. I was ashamed of the work and I was grateful that I had the power to contain it all and never let anybody see it. It was bad, bad, bad. It could have been powerful, but I slipped up… It will never be seen.”
However, a clip unearthed from a Flemish news show has now emerged on YouTube.com, in which Lewis appears in costume as the clown. Other scenes depict him giving directions behind the camera.