Rare Superman Comic Sold At Auction

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June 12, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

A rare copy of the first comic book to feature Superman has sold at auction for $175,000.
The issue of Action Comics No.1, which was published in 1938, was snapped up online by a mystery collector on Monday – days before the new Man of Steel movie, starring Henry Cavill as the superhero, is released in cinemas worldwide.
The copy was recently discovered among a collection of old newspapers being used for insulation in a Minnesota home.
The comic could have fetched a lot more than its modest six-figure sum – home renovator David Gonzalez, who found it, accidentally tore the cover during an argument with a relative.
In a 2011 sale, a pristine copy of Action Comics No.1 fetched $2.16 million – the highest ever sum for a comic book.