Redmond O’Neal’s Sentencing Delayed Once More

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July 31, 2012 | 5:56pm EST

Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal’s son Redmond has won an another delay in his sentencing for a probation violation after making “outstanding commendable progress” in his ongoing drug battle.
Redmond O’Neal has been receiving court-ordered inpatient treatment in a Pasadena, California rehab facility since last year, when he pleaded no contest to a drug and weapons charge. He subsequently admitted to violating his probation by using drugs at the medical center.
If he suffers a relapse, the troubled 27 year old faces up to six years behind bars, but it appears he is winning his substance abuse battle and on Tuesday, O’Neal was praised by Los Angeles Judge Keith Schwartz for his positive progress.
The embattled celebrity offspring told the court he was feeling “great”, while Judge Schwartz said, “Everything looks good; you are making outstanding commendable progress.”
Judge Schwartz agreed to postpone sentencing once more to allow O’Neal to continue with his treatment, and if he stays clean, he will soon be moved to an outpatient program.
However, the court official warned O’Neal he still has a long way to go: “When I first saw you, you looked like a mess. You look a thousand per cent better. (But) you’re not out of the frying pan yet.”
O’Neal is next due in court on 9 October.