Reilly Hates Hairy Roles

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June 27, 2010 | 6:30pm EST

Chicago star John C. Reilly refuses to get hairy for a film role – because he can’t stand the idea of spending hours in a make-up chair.
The impatient actor admits he has turned down lucrative film offers because the role demanded too much prosthetic preparation.

He explains, “I know after 20 minutes I get huffy. I just know myself. I was offered something in Planet of the Apes and I wouldn’t take it because it was an ape and I can’t sit in the chair for longer than a half hour; I’d go crazy.

“I’ve always wanted to do a clown on film; clown make-up I could do. I can do make-up that you do yourself; it’s not someone poking you with rubber.

“I used to be a clown when I was a teenager. I had two characters – one was a sad hobo and another was a country bumpkin with a plaid suit and buck teeth. I did fairs and retirement homes through my church.”