Reynolds Warns Cyrus To Slow Down

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May 26, 2010 | 9:00pm EST

Hollywood veteran Debbie Reynolds has urged Miley Cyrus not to rush into adulthood – because everyone is waiting for her to make a big mistake.
The actress/singer fears the teenager is making too many controversial moves in a bid to shake off her wholesome good girl image – and she needs to sit down with her family and carefully plot the future.
Cyrus has been hit by a string of controversies, from showing too much skin in photos to pole dancing at award shows and dirty dancing at a wrap party – and now family groups are upset with her latest video for hit single Can’t Be Tamed, in which the pop star writhes around with dancers.
And in her weekly advice column in the Globe, Reynolds warns Cyrus not to take her act too far.
She writes, “When I was a 16 year old working in Hollywood, I had two very strict parents and a movie studio to protect me. It was a different world in the 1950s.
“Today’s young stars can’t do anything without the whole world being able to see it.
“Miley and her family need to be aware of this as she outgrows her child star image.”