Richards Addresses Daughter’s Arrest

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June 2, 2011 | 4:10am EST

Rocker Keith Richards has heaped praise on his model daughter Theodora for the way she handled her arrest in March.
Theodora Richards was detained by police for defacing public property after officials caught her spray painting a building in New York City.

During a search, the cops also discovered Theodora was in possession of marijuana and another controlled substance.

The charges against her were dropped in April, although she was ordered to complete two days of community service – and the Rolling Stones star has revealed he’s impressed with the way she dealt with the ordeal.

He tells Britain’s Daily Telegraph, “My daughter did get popped (arrested) a month ago for, like, a minuscule amount of marijuana, so I told her to give up being arrested, and she agreed with me.

“I just said, ‘Stop that – it’s no fun’ and she said, ‘You’re right’. She didn’t let on who her parents were: she spent a night in the tank (jail) and kept schtum (quiet), and I said: ‘That’s the way to handle it’.”