Richards Considered Pulling Out Of Press Interviews

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October 27, 2010 | 8:45pm EST

Denise Richards considered scrapping her New York media commitments in the wake of ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s hotel bust-up and hospitalisation on Monday night, but her professionalism kept her going.
Sheen accompanied Richards and the couple’s daughters to New York and found himself in trouble with hotel staff at the Plaza and police after allegedly trashing his room following a bad reaction to medication he was taking.

Richards, who was staying in a suite across the hall from Sheen when the incident went down, was with the actor when he was hospitalized early on Tuesday morning, and admits she almost pulled out of press appearances to promote her new role in TV comedy Blue Mountain State.

She tells, “I could’ve easily cancelled my shows and appearances but I’ve had this trip to New York booked for months promoting at all the talk shows. I’m thrilled that they wanted me on to promote this show.

“I’m professional and wanted to just move forward with that. This happened and it’s unfortunate but I have to keep going on.”

Sheen is now back home in Los Angeles following the unfortunate incident and he is expected back on the set of his hit TV sitcom Two & A Half Men on Monday.