Rihanna Brushes Off Fan Grab During New York Gig

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May 27, 2011 | 7:00pm EST

Rihanna suffered a security scare as she performed on the streets of New York on Friday when one male fan grabbed the singer and pulled her against a metal barricade.
The Bajan beauty brought Manhattan to a standstill as she helped TV show Today kick off their summer concert series, shutting down the area around Rockefeller Center for her early morning set.

Rihanna launched her performance with a rendition of hit single S&M, belting out the track as she strutted along the road to the main stage.

Barricades had been set up on the streets to keep fans at a distance, but one overzealous devotee got a little too close for comfort as Rihanna passed by, reaching out and pulling the star into the gate.

The R&B singer managed to pull free and continued her show without missing a beat.

The Umbrella hitmaker, who escaped the incident unscathed, later laughed off the shocking encounter on her Twitter.com blog.

Responding to followers’ questions about what she had been thinking as the guy grabbed her, Rihanna wrote, “sumn (something) like ‘THIS muhf**ka (sic) better not f**k up my weave’ okaaaayyy (sic).”