Rimes’ Fence Wrecked By Suspected Drink Driver

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October 3, 2011 | 9:00pm EST

Singer Leann Rimes is relieved after learning no one was injured when a suspected drink driver crashed through the fence of her Californian home on Monday morning.
The Blue hitmaker was in North Carolina when the unnamed 20 year old lost control of his vehicle and crashed onto the star’s property in Hidden Hills.

Cops took the man into custody and are still awaiting toxicology reports to prove their suspicions he had been drinking before getting behind the wheel.

Now Rimes has spoken out about the incident, using it to urge fans not to drink and drive.

In a post on Twitter.com, she writes, “To address the accident that happened in front of our home this morning, everyone is ok and safe.

“However, if drunk driving was involved it is terribly sad. My family could have been seriously injured and any situation where someone is drinking and driving should not be taken lightly. Needless to say, it was a very unsettling call to receive this morning. Thank goodness the young driver and everyone at home are ok.”