Ringo Starr To Receive Lifetime Of Peace And Love Award

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January 7, 2014 | 8:41pm EST

Ringo Starr is set to receive the Lifetime of Peace and Love Award at a tribute concert in Los Angeles later this month.
The former Beatles icon will be feted by director David Lynch on 20 January for his work in raising awareness about Transcendental Meditation.
The ceremony will be followed by a concert tribute featuring Joe Walsh, Ben Folds, Ben Harper and Dave Stewart.
A statement from Lynch, reads, “We want to generate the electricity of peace through music and it’s a thrill to know that the super-creative, enthusiastic musicians of our world are with us to achieve this goal.”
There’s another tribute planned for February, when Lynch will present music producer Rick Rubin with the Lifetime of Harmony Award. The Dixie Chicks, Damien Rice and Jake Bugg will perform at that event.