Rob Reiner Pays Tribute To ‘wonderful’ Ephron

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June 27, 2012 | 8:46pm EST

Actor/moviemaker Rob Reiner has paid his respects to When Harry Met Sally… screenwriter Nora Ephron, revealing she was just like the fussy Sally Albright character she created for the hit romantic comedy.
Reiner directed the movie classic and admits Ephron, who died unexpectedly on Tuesday, could never order simply at restaurants – just like the unlucky-in-love character Meg Ryan played in the film.
Reiner recalls, “Just like in the film… she made you eat what she wanted you to have. If you went to a restaurant she made you order… she basically orchestrated your life for you.”
The moviemaker was terribly saddened after hearing of the writer/director’s death and admits he’ll miss going for dinner with his old friend.
He adds, “I had a really hard night last night. It was hard for me to sleep. It was so shocking for me to find out what happened to Nora. She touched us all and she made all our lives richer and I’m gonna miss her terribly… It’s really, really sad.
“She really brought a lot of joy to everybody she touched, not just through her films but if you had the fortune to have dinner with her, it was always the best.
“She had a wonderful way of observation (sic). She just was the greatest observer of this awkward dance that men and women do with each other… She made us see ourselves in ways that we knew were exactly true and she had the wonderful curvy way of expressing it.”
The legendary screenwriter and filmmaker passed away after a secret battle with acute myeloid leukemia. She was 71.