Rob Zombie Cancelled Arkansas Concert Over Stage Collapse Fears

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October 8, 2012 | 11:21am EST

Rob Zombie cancelled his concert in Arkansas on Saturday night over fears high winds could lead to a stage collapse tragedy.
The rocker was due to perform in Little Rock, Arkansas, but the crew struggled to rig up the outdoor set due to blustery conditions and the show was eventually called off over safety concerns.
Zombie has now opened up about the axed gig, revealing he feared the bad weather could have put fans’ lives at risk if the wind had brought down heavy equipment on top of the audience.
He even compares the situation to Sugarland’s disastrous gig at the Indiana State Fair last year, when seven people were killed after high winds brought down scaffolding and rigging, and Cheap Trick’s lucky escape at the Ottawa Bluesfest in Canada last July, when the stage collapsed in a storm.
Zombie tells local Arkansas radio station 100.3 The Edge, “It’s a drag, we drove all night and turned up ready to play a show only to find out… we couldn’t… You just have to go on the recommendation of your crew… there’s thousands of pounds of equipment in the air and they’re trying to rig things and put it up and they called and said it’s not safe… The wind was blowing and it just wasn’t safe…
“After what happened with Sugarland and Cheap Trick you just can’t take that risk… As much as we want to play and it’s a real drag to have to postpone and it’s a big inconvenience for a lot of people, but nothing would be more inconvenient than that stuff coming down and killing people – we just couldn’t take the risk… Imagine if something happened, no one would be worried about the concert then, it would become a tragedy… it’s never worth risking people’s lives over this.”
The show has been postponed until 29 October.